New Toys!!! & A Recap Of Things So Far

I just came from Fanime 2013 and was introduced to some Tokusatsu fans and have now been watching Kamen Rider and to be honest I am currently enjoying this year’s current Masked Rider – Wizard. I Enjoyed it som muchI just ended up purchasing all the role play toys from the series from the WizarDriver (Henshin Belt) to the Axcalibur. I made half my purchase at CStoys and the Rest with Plamoya along with some Beast Stuff from the Amazon. Here is a packing video from CStoys.

Looking forward to it’s arrival, just thought I’d keep you guys updated. Also decided to attend Anime Expo this year. Leave your comments Below, I love hearing from you guys. until then this is Battedash dashing into the Con(vention) Battle of a lifetime.

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