Another Me: Golden Time Anime Review

Golden Time 03 - 00


Banri Tada is normal guy who is now starting his new life in the city as a college student. he soon makes his first friend, Mitsuo Yanagisawa, but then his day piques when they come across the illustrious Koko Kaga, his new friend’s stalker extraordinaire. With what seemed to be a highlight for the day, his college experience only gets crazier and more mysterious but the biggest mystery is his own past as Banri has amnesia and remembers nothing before finishing high school. He meets more friends along the way, Like  cheerful film club enthusiast, Chinami Oka, and fellow victim of a tea party gone wild, Takaya Sato. Let’s not forget his hypnotic encounter with “Linda”. Little does he know he has already met one of them in the past.




This was a great Drama, which could have been done in another format asides from anime, but I am glad they did. The Voice actors play their roles well and the animation was top-notch through the entirety of the series. Thanks to excellent voice acting the characters were more than likeable and the sound was never off by a beat. This anime was so emotionally taxing it was easy to just watch one after another without really dragging on. I personally enjoyed the goofy moments in between but the dramatization is superb. The art is great and colors were vivid. The characters are more than memorable as I can still recall their names even a year later. I would really like to see more anime like this, not having to be over the top.

This anime forgets its past but lives for the present with 4 Dashes of Battle out of 5.


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  1. I liked Golden Time’s feeling of subtlety, despite some of the crazy events.

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