If You Could Change One Thing: Erased Anime Review


Welcome to Mikoto Elementary school in the year 1988 where our story takes place. The story begins with present day hero Satoru Fujinuma. But wait, isn’t this taking place in the past? You guessed it, Time Travel. He goes back in time catch a murderer who is still on the loose and his task isn’t that simple, as he has to do all this 26 years in the past. All this in order to clear the name of those who were accused including his future self.


Let me start off with the fact that I enjoy all sorts of different concepts of time travel but also dislike a good amount of it. Although in this case the time Travel concept was not quite traversal but a rewind or do-over. Even if this particular concept is “played out”, it actually goes together so well with the heavy murder mystery crime drama. It is also is refreshing to experience how most of the issues are solved through wisdom rather than physical prowess. Most of which is due to knowing future events and keeping a calm mature demeanor for a child. I enjoyed both the art and sounds of the anime. From its dramatic music to fluid scene changes. Unfortunately what ends up taking away from the anime is in it overtaking the source material. Which means the end varies from that of the manga, However even with that setback if you want a murder/mystery thriller drama then this is one to watch.

I have come back from a year in the future to rewrite this anime score with 4 dashes of Battle out of 5.


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