Curse Your Hair and Its Silky Smoothness: The Severing Crime Edge Anime Review


Haimura Kiri is high school student, no surprise there. Though appearing to be a normal high school student after a few minutes shows us a perversion for hair, As he encounters Mushiyanokouji Iwai. Also known as the “Hair Queen” for her long uncut hair yet clean and smooth with no signs of wear. These two meet after Kiri goes to confirm a rumor and maybe quench his thirst for hair in a sense, sadly learns soon after that her hair is cursed and cannot be cut. After an interruption and a momentary departure with Iwai, quickly returns to attempt one last haircut with an alleged “Killing good”, an item used by a serial killer in the past that imbues the item with its will  and intent along wit great power and indestructibility. The haircut proves to be a success and only proves his scissors to be a killing good and opens more questions and the beginning of deadly game…


I honestly have mixed feelings for this anime, the plot was actually good but unfortunately the anime ends up being a self-gratify piece of smut. Because of this, it is too hard to recommend without feeling dirty about it, the action is good but is shortened to make room for awkward Lolicon and a number of different fetishes to satisfy. I did enjoy it but it is almost embarrassing to admit that, as seeing as how this anime can  send all the wrong messages to young adults and adolescents. The animation however was great and the sound was heart felt but wont be enough to redeem this anime.

This anime spread itself too thin and tried to please all ends of the spectrum but falls flatter than paper and shatters on impact leaving only a mess landing this anime a mere 2 and a half dashes of Battle out of 5.


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