Link Exchange

Noticed quite a few anibloggers have this up on their sites, figured I should do the same  and not be anti-social. I will of course check the site for credibility and approve once I confirm legitamacy. Not trying to sound cold just I want a good list of true passionate people who aren’t just in a phase or wishy washy.

Just leave a comment below and any image you may have to add to my side bar. Here is mine, and thanks for the business!


15 responses to “Link Exchange

  1. Hi there. I’d like to exchange links with you. Please check my website and tell me if you’re interested.

    • Sure, if you’d like please provide a banner I can add to my side bar, simlar in size to the ones present. You also have a great website I will be sure to visit it regularly.

      • Thank you! I’ve added you to my blogroll. I don’t use banners in my website so it wouldn’t be fair expect you to use a banner for my website here. It would be great if you could please add me to your blogroll like the others.

      • I don’t mind, my goal is to make my blogroll entirely out banners at some point when I have time.

  2. tsurugiarashix

    Hey, battledash.

    Sorry it took me so long to reply, but I will be happy to add you. I am going to get started on it this weekend, since I am going to do my list over.

    Best Regards,

  3. It took me some time but I created the banner you requested. You can get it here:
    Please add it to your website with a linkj. I’ve already added you to my blorgroll two weeks ago.

  4. Hello, still interested to exchange links?

    Already added yours in advance, thanks.

  5. kitchell

    hi there, we would like to do a link exchange too 🙂 here is ours,

  6. Hey! I’m making a blogroll, would you like to trade links? Would also love to here your feedback on my blog! 🙂 – Thank You Very Much.

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