About this blog

What is this blog about?

This blog is my personal reviews on anime, as well as any news of relevance or interest. I personally enjoy watching most anime and like to give recommendations based of the many I have seen so far.

How do you choose which anime to review next?

Through an extensive formula and algorithm based on the entire database of anime I have watched so far. It actually is random at the moment but I would be more than happy to do recommendations down the line.

Why are your reviews so short?

I simply like to get to the point without spoiling too much for the readers, a lot of reviewers out there like to spoil everything and alert people of spoilers coming but what is the point of a review that spoils the entire story, plot and/or ending.

How often do you publish a review?

Right now at the moment I am publishing quite a bit to put some “meat” if you will on the blog but as soon as there is some traction I would like to have one at least every week.

Have you ever thought of writing previews for upcoming anime?

Indeed I have and do plan on doing so upon the next season of anime.

What made you decide to publish news as well as anime reviews?

Like I mentioned earlier they seem relevant and interest me. In hopes of sharing this news I hope to interest fellow readers as well.


I do not claim ownership over pictures and screenshots posted in this blog. But I will be eternally grateful if you’d make a link back to this blog when using theses materials somewhere else. If any pictures posted here belong to you and you don’t want them here, please notify me and I will remove them.

2 responses to “About

  1. Nice to see another anime reviewer that value the no spoiler rule. Looking forward to see this blog grow.
    Peace. 🙂

    • you may also notice that my reviews are short and sweet and to the point, mainly because of the ever diminishing attention spans of the future. Secondly, unless you write/read you never appreciate good writing.

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