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Why Do I Watch Anime? The 3 Reasons Why I Watch Anime


If you ever asked me this in person, I could go through a 2 hour indoctrination of how anime changed my life. Although I don’t think anyone would like to read my opinion for that long, So I am going to try and keep it short and sweet and hope you enjoy it. Also go and check out more as this is an aniblog project performed by other anibloggers inspired by Kai.

This is my first editorial, not regarding news or review of an anime for the BAR, so here’s to hoping you like it. Firstly, I want to find a few  simple yet brief responses that would best describe as to why I watch anime. Canne goes over a good set of responses that are typically used but really carry no weight behind them. The best example is in regards to foreign culture, and how that is just shallow and not well thought out. I find that learning a bit about the culture is just a nice bonus but not a defining reason for me to watch anime. Continue reading



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