New Toys!!! & A Recap Of Things So Far

I just came from Fanime 2013 and was introduced to some Tokusatsu fans and have now been watching Kamen Rider and to be honest I am currently enjoying this year’s current Masked Rider – Wizard. I Enjoyed it som muchI just ended up purchasing all the role play toys from the series from the WizarDriver (Henshin Belt) to the Axcalibur. Continue reading


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100 Posts! Fanime Here I come!

For my 100th post on this blog I am announincing my attendance at Fanime 2013 this year, If you are attending please feel free and let me know and come by pick my brain and discuss the greatness of anime at one the biggest anime conventions around. I will be attending all days, this will be my second Fanime and also this will also be my first one Cosplaying. I really look forward to it and I hope to have some great news for you upon my return.


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Spring is Here!


With arrival of spring comes a brand new slate of anime as they come and go with the seasons. Sadly this means the end for some anime but a beginning for others, and with this transition I thought I would take the time to give everyone an update on what I watched last season and what I am looking forward to for the next season. Continue reading

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Why Do I Watch Anime? The 3 Reasons Why I Watch Anime


If you ever asked me this in person, I could go through a 2 hour indoctrination of how anime changed my life. Although I don’t think anyone would like to read my opinion for that long, So I am going to try and keep it short and sweet and hope you enjoy it. Also go and check out more as this is an aniblog project performed by other anibloggers inspired by Kai.

This is my first editorial, not regarding news or review of an anime for the BAR, so here’s to hoping you like it. Firstly, I want to find a few  simple yet brief responses that would best describe as to why I watch anime. Canne goes over a good set of responses that are typically used but really carry no weight behind them. The best example is in regards to foreign culture, and how that is just shallow and not well thought out. I find that learning a bit about the culture is just a nice bonus but not a defining reason for me to watch anime. Continue reading


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Mesmerizing Meek Moments: Say “I love you” anime review



Tachibana Mei has had no boyfriend and couldn’t even make friends until one day she injures Kurosawa Yamato, the most popular boy in school, and for some reason Yamato takes interest in her. Mei will undergo the pains and pleasure of leaving the safety of her solitude.  Continue reading

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Even People with Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur Want To Experience Love!: Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai! Anime Review

Chu-2 byou


A young boy who possesses a supernatural power and calling himself the “Dark Flame Master”, or so he thought.  Yūta Togashi is now entering high school and attempting to leave his delusions and fantasies behind him as to not embarrass  himself like he did in junior high school and actually make friends. One night a girl descends onto his balcony at his apartment, Continue reading

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Figure of The Week: Sora and Riku Play Arts Kai

Sora and Riku Dream Drop into Play Arts Kai line photo

Sora and Riku will be joining the Play Arts Kai line in their Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance duds. KH:DDD, the first Kingdom Hearts game on the 3DS, featured Sora and Riku (both playable) visiting “sleeping worlds” as part of a “Mark of Mastery” test to prove themselves as true keyblade masters.

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