The Proud Prince of Perversion: Henneko Anime Review



When local folktales of a wish granting cat statue reach our protagonist, Youto Yokodera, he decides to test its’ mettle only to meet Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi, who is also their to make her own wish. Both having nearly opposite wishes in regards to the portrayal of emotions, little do they know this will entwine them and many others along the ways on a journey discovery, friendship, and just plain perversion.



Youto Yokodera may not be the proud prince of a planet eradicating humanoid alien race but he is a prince in his own right. Even if he is not the most perverted anime character to come to life, in this iteration he holds the title of “Hentai Ouji” or Prince of the Perverse. Like most Harems he has his group of girls fawning over him. The animation is splendid and the sound and music is pleasing to the ear. Unfortunately the story is a bit lack luster at times and can be quite sporadic.  Though the story may seem cohesive and linear at times, I feel that characters are sub par at best.

This anime wishes upon the cat god to score favorably but will only receive 3 Dashes of Battle out of 5.


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