Why Do I Watch Anime? The 3 Reasons Why I Watch Anime


If you ever asked me this in person, I could go through a 2 hour indoctrination of how anime changed my life. Although I don’t think anyone would like to read my opinion for that long, So I am going to try and keep it short and sweet and hope you enjoy it. Also go and check out more as this is an aniblog project performed by other anibloggers inspired by Kai.

This is my first editorial, not regarding news or review of an anime for the BAR, so here’s to hoping you like it. Firstly, I want to find a few  simple yet brief responses that would best describe as to why I watch anime. Canne goes over a good set of responses that are typically used but really carry no weight behind them. The best example is in regards to foreign culture, and how that is just shallow and not well thought out. I find that learning a bit about the culture is just a nice bonus but not a defining reason for me to watch anime.

I watch anime for 3 simple words

Fairy tail


Because anime can get away with so many things like cute female demons, inner carnal thoughts, Cross-dressing, and non blasphemous religious depictions. This is the first reason as to why I watch anime and let’s face it no matter how hard I look at my right hand it is not becoming a cute little girl anytime soon, In fact if said that out loud it just seems wrong and creepy. Only in anime will I ever see a baby who is a renowned hitman and world class Mafia tutor and accept it without even a single question. It is in this aspect I like anime for all its ups and downs.



When building up for that incredible move and it being so out of this world that without the build up it would just be plain incomprehensible. I find that anime will often give the audience credit by saying “Grab hold” and jets off into the stratosphere at full speed because just when you think it has hit the wall and think there is nothing more powerful, you then transform into a super saiyan and transcend it a few more times after the fact. Though outside the anime realm this all just be delusions of grandeur and nothing more, I personally treasure these awe inspiring moments. Rarely will the anime ever hold back in this sense and at times may even take drastic measures to kill off a few supporting characters, something you never see too often in any other form of animation.



Simplicity is what ties together the first 2 reasons for me, without the simplicity and breakdown of any complexity within the show the audience would be lost. Sometimes that recap is necessary and that explanation of how he performs his ultimate technique is  needed no matter how redundant. This often is then rebuilt by fans to be used for arguments later, but is nonetheless present in anime and can be such a crucial and sensitive part. There is a fine line for this, as oversimplifying it will demean/insult  your audience and not giving enough explanation will just raise too much question and exhaust one’s mental strength and imagination.

To summarize my entire rant, I love anime because no matter who you are there is an anime out there for you. Be it sports, harem, comedy, fantasy, music, shounen, or ecchi, there is one anime that will forever change your perspective on life and teach you some new values and blow your mind, all in the span of a series/movie. So here’s to hoping you find yours or help find someone else’s (Why do you think I write this blog?).

These are the 3 Main reason I watch anime, What are your reasons?.


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10 responses to “Why Do I Watch Anime? The 3 Reasons Why I Watch Anime

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  2. Kai

    Yea anime is an insanely crazy world. The most surreal things became the everyday-reality. With sheer stubbornness, a person can transcend limits in seconds. In a way, I guess that’s why we love anime so^^

  3. Hmmm…I find myself not agreeing on Tenacity and Simplicity. Most of the bad anime shows out there are not tenacious at all and even the best series can have small tenacity problems that take away from their credibility. But on a bigger scale – tenacity is a quality that must be present in every written or visual medium, so I argue it isn’t specific to anime at all.

    I don’t agree with simplicity simply because the anime I love the most are those complex ones – Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost in the Shell, FLCL and so on. These are all series that throw a lot at you and never bother to explain it all coherently. And that’s ok, because I enjoy analyzing and making assumptions on my own. You basically write off all the complex anime if you claim to only like anime that feed you all the information with a spoon.

    Sorry if my opinion seems harsh. I’d appreciate it if you could further explain why you chose Tenacity and Simplicity as “traits of anime”.

    • To his their own I suppose, you are entitled to your opinion.

      But Let’s take FLCL for example: it follows my 3 guidelines as to why I watch anime. First is Audacity, with a scooter riding, guitar wielding heroine you could only get away with in anime along with an awkward, pervy dad and a supposedly normal teenager stuck in the middle. Secondly, Tenacity of how he grow a lump on his head and a giant robot comes out of it along with his own guitar and such, I find this quite tenacious. Thirdly and lastly, simplicity because though it may seem to be the most complex thing it is not really, because somewhere in your mind you have accepted all the insanity that happened throughout the show with out analyzing it and looking for a deeper meaning, there just seemed to be a mutual understanding that it happened and you are okay with it. You never found the need to explain to yourself why he could pull out a guitar from his head you just accepted the simplest response the anime gave you through brief dialogue or depictions.

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