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SavedPicture-201312023938.jpgWelcome back to another week of Battledash’s Friday Featured News. This week was an exciting week for the anime realm, let me recap what I have been doing for the week. I am now currently watching the second season of “Baka and Test” and have discovered quite the fun little board game called “Super Dungeon Explore” which play like a simplistic dungeon crawling miniature game. This week’s news involves an update to Code Geass’ second episode of their OVA, some interesting Paper dolls,  Manga pillow cases, and another entry into Team Fourstar’s Dragon ball abridged series.

Code Geass: Akito Exiled Episode Two Preview

This week, we got the bad news that Code Geass: Akito the Exiled‘s second episode has been delayed until summer, but that disappointment can be offset by the exciting new preview.

GraPhig Reveals “Nisemonogatari” and “Kuroko’s Basketball” Paper Dolls

GraPhig line of paper figures has revealed the line’s #177-181, featuring the girls of Nisemonogatari and 161-165, featuring the boys of Kuroko’s Basketball. The 11cm figures take about 10 minutes to assemble without glue, and retail for 630yen ($7). While the Nisemonogatari ones are carried by plenty of retailers for April releaseKuroko’s Basketball are exclusive to Animate and Mekke!

Have a Manga Dream with Manga Pillows

Do you want to be a manga character in your dream? Japanese online store Runatown has started offering four types of “Manga Pillow,” pillows with funny manga effects. The effects are afro, twintail, suspense, and cockroaches. The size of the pillow is H350 x W550 x D100mm, and the price is 924 yen (about US$10.08). Which one do you like to have in your bed?


Afro pillow


Twintail pillow


Suspense pillow


Cockroaches pillow

Team Fourstar’s Dragon Ball Z Abridged episode 32

This episode marks the start of the series going into the Cell saga arc of the anime. Team Fourstar has stood the test of time and been doing this for quite awhile and are now one the most well established of the abridged series creators.


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