Not all Bombs go “BOOM!” : BTOOOM! anime review



Welcome to the story of, Sakamoto Ryota, a 22 year old NEET yet highly ranked and respected player in the online video game “BTOOM!”. After a sudden turn of events ends up on wild and deserted island and unravels the mystery behind his presence and develops relationship with the people he encounters. e forms bonds with some and rivalries with others, and also discovering his convictions when his own life is on the line.  Only armed BIMs (special bombs), Ryota must fight his way through enemies and wildlife and find a way of the nightmare of an island.


Himiko, female lead and bombshell of the series.



BTOOOM! was quite the anime (this review may be retracted should the anime continue from its’ 12 episode run). First and foremost the anime was not afraid to test the human psyche as some people who have seen it may have noticed. I would only recommend this to people with an open mind. The animation was splendid in its use of tones and vivid colors. The sound was good but the music was mediocre but still manage to deliver the desired effect. The characters were some what mediocre and were all defined by their personal deep seeded issues. With all that said the anime is still a must watch for anime watcher interested in an action anime with some mind play involved. One thing is certain the anime was made with the intent you would either like it or hate it and nothing in between.


This anime times its explosion well and gets a 3 and half dashes of battle out of 5.



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