Console wars with a Fresh Take: “Aoi Sekai no Chushin de” Anime Preview

This anime seemed to be sincere at first but after you start to get the references you understand right away that this is a farce of the console wars between to major companies in the 1990’s. I personally enjoyed the whimsical farce this portrays these historical landmarks of the gaming industry. The deeper your passion for gaming the more you understand and catch the many references of this anime. The characters are all exagerrated in one way or another but is what really makes for the most of the anime. I enjoyed the first episode and look forward to watching the rest of the season. I would recommend this to anyone familiar with the references made within the anime.

Can you match the game characters to their animated depictions below?



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2 responses to “Console wars with a Fresh Take: “Aoi Sekai no Chushin de” Anime Preview

  1. I too enjoyed the first episode. This is a series you watch for brainless fun. I don’t have that much knowledge in video games though and some of the names are written in Engrish on purpose. For example although his name is written as Gia the main character is being referred to as Gear in the series (a reference to Game Gear).
    I can identify the following characters: Gia (Sonic), Tejilof (Tetris), Marcse (Mario), and probably Zerig (Link?). I’m afraid I haven’t played that many Game Gear and Saturn games so I can’t identify the Sega crew at all.

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