Feel the Moétivation with English Launch of “Burn Fat With Me” App

Developer Creative Freaks describe their iOS/Android app Burn Fat with Me as a combination “Gal Game and Health Care & Fitness App.” After following the project for months and months, we have some good news for English readers.  The Moétivational tool has now been translated into English and is available on the American iTunes store.

The $3 app is having a $0.99 launch sale through October 4th.


In-app purchases include:

  1. Push-up DLC Pack$5.99
  2. Sit-up DLC Pack$2.99
In Burn Fat With Me version 2.5000 you can select language for Japanese or English in the profile menu. The Official profile says “course, English version is fully actors voice by English native speaker!!(This version is contains english voices only.)” Japanese voices with English subtitles are not supported in this version.
From the official description:
Burn your fat with me!!” is a fitness app/dating sim that provides players with the motivation to work out through moé, a Japanese term describing that heart-melting feeling you get when you see an adorable female anime character.

We call it moévation.

What is “Burn your fat with me!!”?
“Burn your fat with me!!” is the first in a series moévation fitness apps from Japanese indie developer Creative Freaks. The Japanese version, “Nensho!”, has reached over 23,000 downloads and has gained recognition among the otaku community for being the first moé-themed app to break into the iTunes Top 10 ranking and have a fully localized release.

The story revolves around the player’s relationship with childhood friend Mayu Uehara and is divided into 15 fully-voiced episodes*. Players train in real life by doing sit-ups, push-ups**, and (coming soon!) squats with their iOS device while Mayu counts their repetitions and cheers them on.

*Base game includes story episodes 1–8 only. Additional episodes can be unlocked with Moévation Points (see below) or purchased in-game.
**Episodes 1–11 use the sit-up function exclusively. Episodes using the push-ups function can be unlocked with Moévation Points, or purchased in-game, after completing episode 8.
How does it work?
At its core, “Burn your fat with me!!” is a Japanese visual novel game akin to the “Phoenix Wright” or “Professor Layton” series. But instead of building a case or solving puzzles, the player advances the story by clearing fitness goals, such as performing 50 sit-ups in three minutes.

What else is in it?
• Training Mode: In Training Mode you choose your exercise, target reps, and time limit, then train while Mayu counts your repetitions and cheers you on. Using Training Mode (Timed only) will also earn you Moévation Points which can be used to unlock bonus content like new episodes.

• Voice Collection: As you progress the story, you will unlock “training voices”, lines Mayu will say during your workout to encourage (and sometimes scold) you. The Voice Collection menu lets you preview unlocked training voices as well as switch them on and off.


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