Behold my Kingdom!: So I Can’t Play H! Anime Review


High schooler Ryosuke Kaga is also known as “Erosuke” for his extreme adolescent interest in the erotic side of life. One day he encounters a young girl standing alone in the rain. She is Lisara Restall, an elite Death God who has come to Earth in search of a human known as the “Singular Man.” Ryosuke ends up making a contract with Lisara, allowing her to suck the energy she needs for her activities on Earth from him. As it turns out the source of that energy is his own perverted spirit! As a result Ryosuke can no longer feel aroused in the heat of the moment. After trying every erotic method he can think of, he finds he has no choice but to help Lisara in her search in order to recover his perverted spirit.


This Harem Anime was quite endearing for the fact that it truly owned up to the fact of being straightforward with its’ perverseness. The sound was good but nothing spectacular and music was simple. The main character is quite charismatic and easy to relate to and like every harem, girls fall for him left and right. The animation was great and action was enough to suffice for entertainment in between all the “perviness”. It is refreshing to see this new direction/variation on harem anime and hope to see more like it in the future. Unfortunately it felt rushed and tried to fit in way too much in too little time. Hopefully future endeavors that would follow in its’ footsteps would take the time and consideration and not roll it so soon to make an unrefined product similar to this one.

This anime signs provisional contract with me and gets a 3 and a half Dashes of Battle out of 5.



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