noitaminA Apparel Offers “Psycho-Pass” Raid Jackets

The apparel spin-off of Fuji TV’s alternative audience anime block noitaminA launched with five slots for series tie-ins, then proceeded to fill them with clothes based on Guilty Crown, Eden of the East, Black Rock Shooter, Kids on the Slope, and Tsuritama. They then expanded with a now shipping Anohana parka.

There are three sizes:

S (Length: 23cm: Sleeve Length 48cm: Width 59cm) M (Length: 24cm: Sleeve Length 52cm: Width 66cm) L (Length: Sleeve 54cm:: 68cm Width 25cm)

The inside has a gray floral pattern. The item sells for 13,440 yen ($172)

And, jumping the gun of the series’ premiere, they’re taking pre-orders for jackets based on Psycho-Pass.

The jacket is of the type worn by enforcement officers and a future where thoughts can be measured and recorded. It’s nylon with reflective material and a faux-leather insignia. The small size is recommended for women, while the medium/large is best for males.

The pre-order items are selling for 30,450 ($390).

S (Length: 58cm: Sleeve 99.3cm: Hem 100.4cm: Width 42cm: Shoulder 55cm) ML (Length: 65cm: Sleeve 104cm: Hem 114cm: Width 48cm: Shoulder 67cm)


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  1. Jody

    Have you purchased from the mentioned website before? How is payment made?

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