New “Psycho-Pass” Promo Shows Plenty of Animation

We’ve been taunted by quite a few teasers in the past, but the new promo for Psycho-Pass is the real deal. The Production I.G series—directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani (Blood-C: The Last Dark) with series composition by Gen Urobuchi (Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica)—is set to debut as part of Fuji TV’s noitaminA block on October 11. See the show in motion below.

Psycho-Pass follows officer Shinya Kōgami—voiced by Tomokazu Seki (Archer in Fate/Zero, Itaru Hashida in Steins;Gate)—who manages crime in a future world in which it’s possible to instantaneously measure, record, and process one’s state of mind and personality.


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