Aniplex of America Announces “Garden of Sinners” Limited Edition DVD Details

Aniplex of America is quickly establishing itself in North America as the studio that caters almost exclusively to the growing minority of dedicated anime home video collectors. Its latest announcement in the Garden of Sinners limited edition DVD boxset is sure to satisfy those that missed out on the initial Blu-Ray boxset last year, either because it sold out, or because it was still too steep in terms of pricing for many.

The Garden of Sinners LE DVD cover

To start out, the set matches the previously announced Bakemonogatari Blu-Ray boxset in terms of pricing, as online retailer RightStuf will be selling the set at $149.99 and it will be released on November 20th. What do you get for that much cash, exactly?



  • Video: 16:9/ Widescreen / MPEG-2
  • Audio: Japanese dialog / Dolby Digital Stereo / 5.1 Surround
  • Subtitles: English
  • Includes all 8 movies on 8 DVD discs, Total length of more than 530 minutes!!
  • Bonus Videos: “Theater Pre-show Reminder” videos and trailer
  • 8 digi-paks inside deluxe rigid box
  • 36-page Deluxe Booklet featuring an Image Gallery of announcement key visuals, theatrical posters, Japanese video covers and more!,
  • A set of 14 postcards ( illustrated by TAKASHI TAKEUCHI and SUDO TOMONORI)

The Garden of Sinners DVD boxset contents

While the DVD boxset is much cheaper than the original $600 price for the Blu-Ray boxset, there are those that will invariably complain that it’s still unreasonably priced compared to other “limited edition” releases from other R1 distributors such as FUNimation.

As the debate about what constitutes fair pricing for anime on DVD and Blu-Ray will never be settled because of its inherent relativity for each person, there is substantial proof that people are willing to pay more for a quality release such as the above and that the current industry’s reliance on cheap anime boxsets is becoming very unsustainable.

Now that we know how much the new Garden of Sinners DVD boxset will cost, are any of you going to pre-order? I know I am, at least.


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One response to “Aniplex of America Announces “Garden of Sinners” Limited Edition DVD Details

  1. As a die-hard fan of KnK, I salute Aniplex for doing this.

    $149.99 sounds reasonable I think, since the Type-Moon fanbase is pretty niche, plus everything that comes with it (that Deluxe Booklet!) looks totally awesome.

    Sadly, in my case, it’s too steep a price >.<

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