“Tiger & Bunny” Motorcycle Helmets Offered in Japan

LaLaBit Market, the e-commerce website operated by Bandai Namco Games, has started accepting pre-orders for Tiger & Bunny motorcycle helmets inspired by the hero suits of the two protagonists of the series, Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. These helmets are one of the commemorative products for the up-coming film Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning-, and suggested by the voice actor of Barnaby, Masakazu Morita himself. Morita even cosplayed as Barnaby for the catalog photos. The price for each helmet is 19,800 yen (about US$250.22). They will be shipped in the middle of December this year.

Source: Tiger & Bunny Yoyaku Sokuhou




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2 responses to ““Tiger & Bunny” Motorcycle Helmets Offered in Japan

  1. Kristina Ballesteros

    can the helmets be ordered and shipped to the US? i went on the website (completely in Japanese) and it doesnt seem to indicate whether or not i can

    • No News on it yet as it is still in pre order, but most likely expect imports once it is released. As for when it will be domestically available has yet to be announced

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