Family is Power and Power Runs Strong In This Family: La Storia Della Aracana Famiglia Anime Review


The island of Regalo is a quite peaceful one and has maintained order due to the governing family “Arcana”. The Arcana family is made up of unique individuals who form contracts with “Tarroco” or Arcane cards. The individuals in question vary in age from their founder and leader “Mondo” to his daughter “Felicita”. Mondo kicks off the series by announcing a Duel between the family’s cardholders to earn his title of “Papa” and assume his role as leader of the family as well as the hand of his daughter, Felicita, in marriage. The Family takes it in mixed outbursts and responses including that of Felicita herself. The story revolves around Felicita and her feelings for the family as she gets to know more about them including her former betrothed, Nova, her cousin and card holder of Death, And, Liberte, the orphan boy who strives to get better everyday and card holder of “The Fool”. Everyone in the family is a mystery at first but are all unwrapped for the most part throughout the series.


The animation was good but I couldn’t help but get distracted by the holes in their ears, most artists typically don’t illustrate ear holes and now I see why, It’s because it can get distracting. Ear holes aside, the story was not that interesting it was actually quite bland, it felt counter intuitive mainly because they were like a mafia but never had any shady dealings and their powers were cool but never evolved much from that, so this felt more like a reverse harem than a shōnen. The ending was disappointing, it was just a giant reset to pretty much have everything back at square one, which usually doesn’t happen until the protagonist reaches his peak after 300 episodes or so. My problem was the reset of status and the fact it made the anime feel like it wasn’t even worth watching, almost like “it was all just a dream” ending. Unfortunately due to all these precedents…

This anime stumbles on its arcane powers into mediocrity with 2 and a half Dashes of Battle out of 5.



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