Ghost in The Wind… or Flower Shop: Natsuyuki Rendezvous Anime Review


Do you believe in love at first sight, This is how a story of devoted love from just a mere glimpse can lead to odd outcomes when a ghost is involved. Ryosuke Hazuki is a younger fellow who falls in love with a flower shop owner, and jumps at the opportunity to work alongside her. Rokka Shimao, the flower shop owner is a widow but no ordinary widow considering her late husband is still around unbeknownst to her. Atsushi Shimao is a selfish ghost who refuses to let go of currently living wife or let anyone else have her. Hazuki later discovers Atsushi and realizes that only he can see him. Atsushi uses this to his advantage to ruin any chance Hazuki has to make any moves on Rokka. The story progresses into a complicated love triangle and so the hilarity and  reality of the situation ensues.


This slice of life anime seems to weave a complex tale of love involving a widow who can’t let go, a young man in love, and ghost filled with regrets. The animation is actually quite good and I seem to enjoy anime where the character image can be change amidst the story, haircuts in particular. The characters were about as complex as the relationship themselves which makes them hard to forget. The soundtrack/music was splendid and did an amazing job of conveying the situation. I did enjoy this anime and the twists and turn no matter how dizzying it was to follow, I enjoyed myself. This anime is recommendable but not to a younger demographic unfortunately, unless I missed an intense action sequence or high school flashback. Over all this anime can give some mixed emotions and for that…

This anime haunts its way into getting 3 Dashes of Battle out of 5



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