Road to Rock is paved with Rocky Starts: “Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad” Anime Review


Sometimes Life can be plain and boring, while sometimes it can take a turn and change it completely. This is the story of Tanaka “Koyuki” Yukio, a middle school student so jaded by his uneventful life that his autobiography would blank. Though that all changes after he rescues a peculiar looking dog and meets his owner, Minami Ryusuke. This leads to his introduction to western rock music and everyone else along the way. After watching a live rock show performed by Ryusuke’s current band at the moment, Koyuki realizes he wants to be a rockstar. After the show he also meets one of the performers, Minami Maho, Ryusuke’s half sister who is also Koyuki’s age.

Afte the break up of Ryusuke’s current band, He tries to from a band of his own along with vocalist Tsunemi Chiba, bassist Yoshiyuki Taira, and Togo, the drummer from his previous band. He later takes koyuki as a another guiatarist and vocalist for the band with his friend Yuji “Saku” Sakurai on drums to replace Togo, who quit the band. Koyuki’s life starts to change as the band struggles towards fame.


The animation is decent but nothing spectacular, the scenes of instruments being played felt sluggish and mismatched. Although the Soundtrack was amazing and the story is riveting. I was enthralled throughout the entire series but am disappointed with the abrupt end unlike the manga which continued for much longer. The soundtrack for this anime is one of a kind and is great from start to finish. I would personally recommend it for anyone who has ever wanted to perform in the music industry to get a glimpse at the trial and tribulations involved.

This anime plays its’ way into getting 3 and a half Dashes of Battle out of 5




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3 responses to “Road to Rock is paved with Rocky Starts: “Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad” Anime Review

  1. Ahh Beck! I started watching that, a long time ago, but never finished the series (don’t even remember what episode I got to). I remember it being on the more, if not abstract, at least artistic side. Not messing around with squeeky voiced characters with colorfull hair, and tsundere type girls punching male characters into oblivion. Slow paced and slice of life-ish

    I would probably have granted it yet another point, but i really am in no position to talk about that, as i haven’t finished watching it, and have not read the manga, as it seems you have. When you start out with reading the manga version of a story, you mostly always have a completely different view on the anime. Plus, you have “experienced” the story beforehand which might give more time to observe other things, like animation, voiceacting and how well they’ve adapted the feel of the book, and a second view on the plot overall. It’s only natural to compare it to the version you have read and might have loved like it was, if they make drastic changes to plots, and character animation and personality. But anyhoo –

    Great job on the review, concise and well written! I really have to pick up this show again

    • Thanks I really appreciate the feedback, but yes this anime has a more realistic feel to it and the soundtrack is amazing. The song that blew me away was this rendition of “I’ve got a feeling” and how it slowly brings the rest of the band on stage and kinda why it so stretched out or as long as it is.

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