Everything Else Outside The Box: Kekkaishi Anime Review


School life is hard enough with everything else that happens outside of it, especially when it comes to the life of, Sumimura Yoshimori, a 14-year-old junior high school student who is a raised to be a, kekkaishi, an exterminator of monsters and guardian of the school and what lies beneath. Yukumura Tokine, is his neighbor and rival kekkaishi fighting to be the rightful heir and were both raised to be guardians for the nearby school built a top a dormant magical location that attracts wild monsters alike. Tokine is older than Yoshimori but is his childhood friend, as well as both are trained in similar arts. Both have very different perspectives of their duty and tend to clash due to this on some occasions. After an incident involving Tokine in their early years, Yoshimori has trained hard to ensure it never happens again.


The animation is sub par and the concept is nothing totally original besides the abilities and origin story. It is action packed but felt like it lacked imagination and truly didn’t flourish as well as I had hoped, the plot was nothing new as well and most of the anime was predictable. despite all that I still think that if you like shounen/action and need to get a fix between better ones this is a good filler. The cake castles are also a good bonus.

This anime gets boxed out with 3 and half Dashes of Battle out of 5



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