Love Triangles Are Overrated: School Days Anime Review


This anime is based of a visual novel and much like any anime based of visual novel it revolves around the main character and how everyone swoons over him. Makoto Ito is High school student who finds himself secretly admiring, Kotonoha Katsura, an attractive schoolmate who happens to take the same train.  Sekai Saionji his classmate notices his feelings and offers to help get the two of them together, despite her own feeling for Makoto. Though this story seems much like a typical anime setting it takes a few twists and turns as more women are infatuated with him.


This anime is pretty much an embarrassment and disgraces the genre. Not only does the character have no appeal, he also has no redeeming qualities. As much praise as some people give it, it truly is only for the shock value of the ending, which is the only event in the anime I found satisfying. Like any of my reviews I try not to spoil it too much, but violent ending was not enough to suffice for a better score. The sound was decent and animation was solid but the characters were forgettable and had no unique qualities, asides that the main character had horrendous characteristics. The protagonist of the story just felt more like an antagonist, and not the anti-hero kind because like aforementioned before there is no redemption whatsoever from this anime.

I give this sad excuse of a PG-13 Hentai, 2 Dashes of Battle out of 5



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