Get a Clue: Detective School Q Anime Review


This anime revolves around a group of talented individuals, who are accepted into, Dan Detective school (DDS), an academy that specializes in the training future detectives. Kyuu, is your average middle school student  with a knack for logic and reasoning.  Together with Megu, a girl with photographic memory, the martial arts master Kinta, genius programmer Kazuma, and the mysterious Ryu, Kyuu takes on many crimes and solves it by revealing the truth through his innate abilities. The Series typically takes viewers through at least one case every couple of episodes if not one.


This anime may seem rather dated but has stood the test of time. Animation is nowhere near great but get the job done, while sounds at times may seem little but off. Despite its flaws the anime poses great mystery and engrosses the viewer into attempting to solve the puzzle alongside the protagonist. The cast is rather dysfunctional but actually compliment each other well enough to make it bare-able. Also the underlying story is unoriginal and at times can really slow down the pace.  I personally enjoyed all the cases solved in the show but the character were rather plain and almost forgettable if not for their talents. I would recommend this anime just for its unique mysteries posed throughout the series.

This anime gets 3 Dashes of Battle out of 5




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2 responses to “Get a Clue: Detective School Q Anime Review

  1. Been meaning to watch this for quite a while now, as I’ve been itching for a good mystery after Gosick. Didn’t get to watch this locally too >.<

    Kinda sad about the whole sub-par character development thing but if the cases are that good I'll get around it hopefully soon 😀

    • I first watched this show when it first showed on animax, when the network first started in the Philippines. Picked it up again later cause I wanted to finish the mystery they were on, I was dying to know how it was solved. The charcter were good but the series will have low replayabilty after you’ve seen, if you haven’t I do recommend seeing if you can solve it before Q 😀

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