Hero or TV Star: Tiger & Bunny Anime Review


Welcome to Sternbild a reimagined city/metropolis where an event occurs that  fills the city with super powered people called “Next.”  From this epidemic, both heroes and villains  were born.  Companies realized a lucrative investment began sponsoring the city’s top heroes, and thus “Hero TV” was descended upon the masses where hero perform heroic deeds saving the city from crime and super powered villains to earn points and be the season’s “King of Heroes”.

Kotestsu T. Kaburagi aka Wild Tiger is a veteran super hero past his prime and refuses to accept it, and also has a knack for destruction. Barnaby Brooks Jr. is the new “super rookie” and becomes Kotetsu’s new partner after a buyout of his sponsoring company. Both heroes would prefer to go solo due to conflicting prerogatives of being a super hero. Soon enough they begin to learn to work with one another and cooperate long enough to get the job done, and as proof of their teamwork Kotetsu nicknames Barnaby as “Bunny” because of his armor’s ears and his habit of jumping and kicking. Now working together they attempt to solve the mystery of Barnaby’s parents murder. All this while every Hero is adorned with their companies logos.


The concept was quite refreshing for the anime genre, and also has some great camaraderie in it. The Main character, Kotetsu, also appears to be the comic relief which maybe peculiar but actually fits quite well. The animation of action is top-notch and sound is stupendous. The other supporting heroes play their roles very well and are given brief stories to further develop their character and involvement. I truly do love this anime but can’t give it a perfect score because even with the use of so much CG, at moments look stiff compared to traditional two dimensional animation.

Despite the flaws, I give this anime 4 and a half Dashes of Battle out of 5



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