Light up your Life with a Wild Tiger 12″ PM Figure

Bandai is set to launch its 12 Perfect Model (12”PM) action figure line. The 12″PM line is designed to represent Bandai’s high-end figures which feature meticulous detail work along with complete poseability. The first character to appear in the new line is none other than Tiger & Bunny’s veteran hero – Wild Tiger.

Standing at 12 inches, Wild Tiger comes jammed packed with some amazing features. The most impressive of these features are the 20 LED lights that will run throughout his hero suit. The lights will illuminate Wild Tiger’s head, chest, legs, as well as, both arm guards. Accessory wise, you have Tiger’s two wire guns “Wild Shot,” five sets of regular hands, plus an extra set with poseable fingers. Along with all these great accessories you have the open face feature, a total plus in my book. I have to admit I’m very excited about this new Tiger. Those LED lights make it seem as if Tiger activated his Hundred Power NEXT ability.

Wild Tiger is set to release this December for ¥26,250.


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