Applying Games to Reality: The World God Only Knows Anime Review


This Anime Revolves around,  Katsuragi Keima, a Self-obsessed gamer who enjoys dating simulators and considers himself a  “God of conquest” for there is no dating sim character he could not swoon.  One day while checking messages on his “PFP” (PSP equivalent) he recieves what appears to be a challenge, feeling tested Keima hastily accepts and actually signed a contract to capture loose souls from hell as explained by his partner, Elsie. She also explains that in order to retrieve these loose souls he will need to make any possessed individuals fall in love with him to fill the emptiness in their hearts and eject the loose souls from them, and any rejection or failure to abide the contract with result in decapitation for him as well as Elsie. So then the conquests begins…


Though the story sounds unoriginal, it actually is quite the opposite having Keima conquer multiple girls using only his knowledge of dating sims. Even without many similarities in real life and his games, Keima seems to prove successful.  The musical scores for this anime are fantastic and the animation is bright and vivid. If you’re looking for and light romantic comedy anime to boost your self esteem, this one comes highly recommended and is near the top of my list.

I give this anime a full 5 Dashes of Battle out of 5



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