Inner Monologue is Like Talking Without Your Mouth: Gantz Anime Review


The story begins with,Kurono Kei, a high school student who is selfish, perverted, and self-centered. He has never cared about anyone but himself and just often lets his mind wander to dirtier things. One day while in the subway he glances over and notices another highschool student, and quick to his realization it is, Masaru Kato, a childhood friend. Although much to his dismay of seeing someone from the past, a homeless man falls on the tracks and is too drunk get out. Kei just chooses to ignore it much like the other bystanders, although Kato leaps in to help the hobo. Kei though reluctant is persuaded as his friend is also now in danger and climbs down to help him. Now that they have helped the homeless man off the tracks, their situation becomes dire realizing they cannot climb back up themselves as the train quickly approaches. They attempt to outrun it but contrary to their efforts the train collides into their frail human bodies and appears to decapitate them, but at the moment of impact they are taken to an unfurnished apartment asides from a giant metallic black ball. In the unfurnished room await strangers of many different aspects, also soon joins them is, Kishimoto Kei, a naked high school girl. The black ball known as “Gantz” now issues target for the people in the room and provides weapons as well as special suits to enhances one’s physical capabilities. they then teleported to that area to find that target alien and cannot leave the vicinity until the mission is complete.

The anime itself has a great story, and the violence is quite graphic. The anime has  gore, blood, and violence as well as nudity and sexual content which isn’t for the weak at heart. Animation can be a bit lack luster and lack substance, but the overall sounds are on par and compliment the situations very well. The characters were very well done as well development from all the characters including supporting roles. I truly enjoyed this anime and would have given it a perfect score had it not been for too much inner dialogue and not leaving much for the viewer to interpret and the shortcuts taken for animation.

With all that said, I give this anime 4 Dashes of Battle out of 5



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