Violence Never Solves Anything But Sure is Fun: “Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple” Anime Review


This anime is based of the Shōnen manga “History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi” , The story revolves around a weakly little high school student named Kenichi. Being picked on his whole life is rather timid and runs from confrontation, but like many anime his life is changed one day after befriending the gullible Miu Fūrinji. Despite his stature and combat abilities Kenichi believes in protecting the weak and that martial arts is used by the weak to overcome the strong who “Bully” those around them. However, on his way to class one morning while diligently studying his guide-book on martial arts for the weak, he meets Miu. After some introductions and school shenanigans Kenichi stumbles upon Miu attempting to protect an old lady from some gangsters, driven by his desire to protect the weak he jumps in with no chance of winning but still does it to protect those around him. This leads to an interesting action sequence that lead to Kenichi learning about , Ryōzanpaku, A dojo where many masters of different disciplines have gathered. All these masters have their own unique character the show, as Kenichi enlists with the dojo to Start his adventure.


The animation has a solid foundation, as well as excellent fight scenes. The voice acting is superb, and each characters provides great supporting roles for the Main character. The story though is typical form of escalation plaguing most action anime, but is delivered quite well and never really has  a dull moment. The color palette is bland and animation is a bit dated but everything seems to pull together quite well. They cover a good amount of anime and leave much of an opening for continuation as well as ending on a great final note to tie it all in. With all the great character development and definition, I would highly recommend this anime.

I give this anime 4 Dashes of Battle out of 5



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